In our ImpactStories we regularly tell you what people can do with electricity in their community. We talked to our customers and wrote down their stories. 

It is scalding hot. We’re almost melting in the heat on the small wooden bench inside the restaurant of Adiaratou Bagayoko. She’s sitting across fromus, hands folded in her lap.

Adiaratou Bagayoko is 34 years old. She lives in Sirakoro with her 5 children.Since her husband died a few years ago, it has been hard for Adiaratou’s family.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, Investieren
Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, Investieren

Despite a stroke of fate, Adiaratou does not let herself be defeated

Adiaratou and her husband met in Sirakoro (he was originally from Guinea). The two fell in love and started a family together. Everything went well. Adiaratou’s husband was repairing mopeds. Adiaratou supported her husband financially by selling food at a small wooden table from time to time. The family didn’t have much, but was happy. But then Adiaratou’s husbandsuddenly died and overnight her life changed completely and she was on her own.

Adiaratou is solely in charge of feeding her family and making it possible for her children to attend school.She works hard and managed to build up a restaurant by herself. But this was not always easy and she only managed to do so through sustainable management.

Adiaratou started very small. In the morning she went from door to door offering small snacks: banana skewers, eggs or orange pieces. Later in the afternoon she continued to sell fruit and vegetables at her small wooden table. This way she barely managed to make ends meet for her family. But that was only with effort and misery. 

Women show solidarity

That’s why, like Awa Koné, who we already introduced to you in another ImpactStory and who is also a restaurant owner (in Djoliba), she joined a women’s association that changed her life. The women pay into a common cash box every fifth day of the month. At the end of the month, one of the village women receives the whole sum and can thus realize a project individually. Adiaratou was lucky. She was chosen by lot and received a considerable amount of money, which she could use to finance a restaurant. Through sustainable management she was able to obtain all the necessary resources in the capital Bamako and invested in her business.

"The women's association is an important tool for many single women to generate money. Us women must support each other! Only when we learn this can we achieve great things together. I would like to pass this on to my daughters. They should show solidarity with other women. Only together are we strong."

Adiaratou Bagayoko
Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, Investieren

Adiaratou is convinced that (almost) everything can be achieved through clear focus and sustainable management. She knew exactly what she was good at and focussed on it. 

That was five years ago. Today she still works in her restaurant and it is going well. Not optimally, but she can even make profits, which she in thenreinvests in her restaurant. 

Reaching the goal with electricity and sustainable business

In the future, she will rely on electricity from Africa GreenTec. True to the motto “less is more”,she has set herself a clear goal, in what she wants to invest in, in order to achieve the best possible sustainability. A refrigerator would be the first step in driving her restaurant forward.

"Of course I would also like music and a television. But first and foremost, I want to invest in a refrigerator. My guests often ask for a cold Coca-Cola after dinner. Then I always have to explain that I unfortunately don't have a refrigerator. So I cannot offer this service to them yet. With the electricity from Africa GreenTec and a refrigerator the problem would be solved and I would increase my revenue. Therefore step by step. First a fridge, then music..."

Adiaratou Bagayoko

Step by step towards expansion 

Adiaratou is already saving money in order to be able to do business sustainably and then quickly take the second step: a radio and a television, so that she can also offer her customers entertainment. Adiaratou is confident that electricity will change herlife and herbusiness quickly. First and foremost, she is a lone fighter and raises her children confidently. But of course the development of her village community is dear close to her heart. That is why she comes to her restaurant every day and serves her guests. The small wooden table on which she started to sell her snacks is located directly in front of the restaurant. Whenever she looks at it, Adiaratou has to smile:

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, Investieren
Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, Investieren

"It is unbelievable how small I started out. And now look around you. I did all this on my own. I did sustainable business, had patience and staying power. That's how you reach your goal. With electricity everything can only get better."

Adiaratou Bagayoko

The interview was recorded in Sirakoro on October 11, 2019. WhetherAdiaratou’s wishes for the future have been fulfilled with the electricity of Africa GreenTec, you will soon be able to read in the sequel.

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