Senegal is an incredibly rich country. It is rich in people, potential and ideas. Through our sustainable energy solution, we want to empower even more people in Senegal to realize their visions. The starting-point for development is electricity. That’s why we are very pleased to announce that we will soon be opening another ImpactSite there together with our new partner, Liebfeld GmbH. 

Senegal, Klimaschutz
The founders of Liebfeld visit Hainburg

Cooperation with Liebfeld GmbH

We have already told you about the young company Liebfeld. It manufactures and distributes sustainable kitchen and household appliances.

The founders have committed themselves to spend a part of their turnover on sustainable projects, which led to the idea of a cooperation with Africa GreenTec.

The Solartainer for our ImpactSite is already in production. Due to the Corona Pandemic, which is delaying everything a bit, the opening of the ImpactSite cannot be dated exactly yet.

Senegal, Klimaschutz
Welding is done diligently
Senegal, Klimaschutz
The production is progressing

The ImpactSite as a holistic concept

We see that many problems have to be tackled simultaneously. In addition to electricity, we also provide cold chains through our ImpactSite. 40% of the fruit and vegetable harvest in sub-Saharan Africa spoils. Our Cooltainer will prevent this in the future. Clean drinking water is also an important issue, which we address with our water treatment station.

Additionally, our solar pumps are an interesting solution for many regions in Senegal because the communities are actively practising ecological agriculture. The Internet is the last component provided by our ImpactSite. Particularly young people are very active on the Internet and want to inform and educate themselves and exchange information. 

Senegal, Klimaschutz
Illustration of our holistic ImpactSite

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