Senegal is an incredibly rich country. It is rich in people, potential and ideas. Through our sustainable energy solution, we want to empower even more people in Senegal to realize their visions. The starting-point for development is electricity. That’s why we are very pleased to announce that we will soon be opening our first ImpactSite there together with our new partner, Liebfeld GmbH. 

Senegal, Klimaschutz
The founders of Liebfeld visit Hainburg

Cooperation with Liebfeld GmbH

We have already told you about the young company Liebfeld. It manufactures and distributes sustainable kitchen and household appliances.

The founders have committed themselves to spend a part of their turnover on sustainable projects, which led to the idea of a cooperation with Africa GreenTec.

The Solartainer for our pilot project is already in production. Due to the Corona Pandemic, which is delaying everything a bit, the opening of the ImpactSite is planned for Q2/2021.

Senegal, Klimaschutz
Welding is done diligently
Senegal, Klimaschutz
The Production of the Solartainer will take until the end of this year

We have chosen the community of Ndiob as the location for our cooperation. It is located in the Fatick region. The community covers an area of 127 km² and is spread over 18 settlements. In the West of the community a fertile valley spans across the region. 

Together for climate protection

The inhabitants of Ndiob want to preserve this nature. The community has a green vision and wants to develop into a self-sufficient and  organic agricultural community, independent of exports To achieve this, the community is consciously looking for renewable energy solutions and sustainable partners to build up various value chains. Like many communities south of the Sahara, Ndiob is fighting against deforestation and has already initiated extensive countermeasures. 

Senegal, Klimaschutz
In the shade of the tree the future plans are discussed
Senegal, Klimaschutz
Some families in Ndiob own goat breeds

Internationally recognized environmental activist as a committed mayor

The fact that the people of Ndiob are so sensitized to the issue of climate protection is largely thanks to their mayor, Oumar Ba. He is an internationally recognized environmental activist and is head of the Association of Green Communities in Senegal. He is also president of the national reforestation program. Mr. Ba will be a close project partner in Ndiob and we are incredibly happy to work with such a motivated and committed individual

Measures against deforestation include the founding of the radio station “Ndiob the voice of nature” and the launch of numerous reforestation initiatives. Vehicles were purchased for irrigation and the protection of young trees. In addition, a forum is held regularly to sensitize people in the region to the issue of sustainability and climate protection. The implementation of efficient cooking stoves in households, for example, made it possible to reduce logging by 75%.

The ImpactSite as a holistic concept

Just like us, the community in Ndiob takes a holistic approach to sustainability.We see that many problems have to be tackled simultaneously . In addition to electricity, we also provide cold chains through our ImpactSite. 40% of the fruit and vegetable harvest in sub-Saharan Africa spoils Our Cooltainer will prevent this in the future. Clean drinking water is also an important issue, which we address with our water treatment station.

Additionally, our solar pumps are an interesting solution for the region of Ndiob because the community is actively practising ecological agriculture. The Internet is the last component provided by our ImpactSite. Particularly young people are very active on the Internet and want to inform and educate themselves and exchange information. 

Senegal, Klimaschutz
Illustration of our holistic ImpactSite

In the Ndiob region, further ImpactSites are planned for Farar, Bako Dior and Thiallé. Our goal is to realize the implementation of a successful, decentralized energy project based on PV in central Senegal. We will establish a self-sufficient, electrical energy supply for several hundred private households and also for commercial applications. This will create jobs not only directly but also indirectly. . We mainly support small businesses, because it is them who use the electricity productively and thus create an economic value chain that will give the entire region an economic boost. 

We are very pleased to have found a partner in Liebfeld GmbH, a company to whom climate change and equal opportunities are as close to their hearts as they are to ours. An exciting cooperation, which you will definitely hear more about soon.

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