We are really honoured to announce that Africa GreenTec is ranked under the top 50 most promising early stage companies delivering innovative solutions to combat the climate crisis by the Cleantech Group .

This blogarticle is for those of you who do not know about the Cleantech Group and what they do. We want to give you more detailed information about the Cleantech Group, the 50 to Watch report they provide and why it means so much to us to be ranked in this year’s report.

cleantech group, 50 to watch report
cleantech group, 50 to watch report

What is the Cleantech Group?

The Cleantech Group is a company that provides research, consulting and events to catalyze opportunities for sustainable growth powered by innovation. 

Their aim is to bring their clients access to trends, companies and people shaping the future. Furthermore, the Cleantech Group gives businesses the customized advice and support they need to perform the best possible way with their product and to reach the suitable audience.

cleantech group, 50 to watch report

Since Industries are undergoing definitive transitions toward a more digitized, de-carbonized and resource-efficient industrial future, the company advises corporate change makers, investors, governments and stakeholders from across the ecosystem, so that they can thrive in this fast-arriving and uncertain future.

The company was established in 2002 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Yet, the team is based around the globe. 

The Cleantech group provides qualitative research on sustainable innovation

Powered by data from i3, their research reports on sustainable innovation cover a combination of sectors and geographical areas. In this context they bring out different reports such as the The 50 to Watch report. The 50 to Watch report is the second annual list of the most promising early-stage private companies delivering innovative solutions to combat the climate crisis.

cleantech group, 50 to watch report
The Cleantech Group has a broad research spectrum

Investment and innovation experts make up the Cleantech Group panel

This year we were ranked among many other inspiring companies in that list. We are really proud of that, since the CleanTech Group always puts together a diverse panel of more than 30 early-stage investment and innovation experts from five continents

To be chosen by such an experienced panel in the sustainability sector, shows us once again that we are on the right path with our work.

Questions that the jury focused on to choose the Top 50 companies were among others: What companies are creating high-impact solutions to change the way we live? Which new technologies are proving their commercial value? How are innovators building companies to succeed in a sustainable future?

The holistic concept of our ImpactSite combines a lot of the answers. We create  high-impact for thousands of people through  sustainable energy solutions for electricity generation, cooling,water purification and internet access. Energy is the beginning of development, since it enables people to make productive use of it. Our ImpactStorys show how people flourish in the ImpactSite, personally and economically.

Senegal, Klimaschutz
Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, Investieren

The complete list of 50 companies was revealed on 23 October 2020. Jules Besnainou, the Director of the Cleantech Group, summed up the decision of the jury as follows:

“In the face of a worsening climate crisis, this year’s 50 to Watch companies hold the seeds to a brighter future. With dedication and innovation, they are fighting the plastics crisis, regenerating soils, accelerating electrification and more.”

Jules Besnainou

As a team we want to thank the Cleantech Group and the jury for this outstanding recognition. We keep striving further to empower people to more self-determination and growth through clean energy. We already see the consequences of climate change. Let’s work together to fight it NOW.

You want to inform yourself about the other companies that were ranked in the 50 to Watch report? Please feel free to download it! 

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