Two records for Africa GreenTec: Germany’s most successful own-funding and German based Africa-funding

Together we have written the crowdfunding history! Not only did we set up Germany’s largest crowdfunding campaign without an intermediary platform, but we also broke the record for the largest Africa funding ever issued in Germany.

Due to Africa GreenTec’s long crowdfunding history and the difficult year we had, this success shows us that together we will still move ahead. WE DO.

Mit unserem Crowdinvesting setzen wir den Grundstein für große Ziele
With our crowdinvesting we set the foundation for big goals

Most successful German based Africa Crowdinvesting

At Africa GreenTec, we like to think big. That’s why we set the bar high at the start of our crowdinvesting campaign with an investment target of €5 million. When we then launched, we were able to celebrate the first half million together early on and caused quite a stir in the crowdfunding scene. In 2020, we have done a lot to promoteAfrica GreenTec and our crowd always supported us diligently. We still have a lot to do before we reach our goal!

Towards the end of 2020, we were once again overwhelmed by the many participants. We especially loved your idea of using a crowdinvesting share as a meaningful Christmas gift, and most importantly, how often it was implemented. At that time, GLS Bank had just launched its funding “A Roof for Africa”. We followed the success of the funding with excitement and joy: € 1.2 million for a sustainable real estate project in Africa! Wow!

At that time, the Africa GreenTec campaign had already reached more than € 1 million and we were sure that we could break this record together with our crowd. In fact, it went faster than expected and more and more people joined us on our way to help even more people in sub-Saharan Africa to more self-determination and growth. At the end of the year, the investment sum then exceeded €1.2 million and the title of most successful Africa funding in Germany officially went to Africa GreenTec.

Largest self-funding in Germany

Already in the fall 2020, in a meeting, the thought came to us whether we had already set a record with our decision to start our crowdfunding campaign without a third-party platform. Our research revealed that we couldn’t find any German funding with nearly as much volume. The decision to rely on our own supporters and crowd had turned out to be the right one!

At the same time, this weighing was not easy at all at that time. In August 2019, we started with the concrete preparations. The idea had been around for a very long time and we were faced with many questions and decisions. Which platform do we work with? How do we design the financing instrument? What financial incentive do we offer our crowd? Will we manage to lay the foundation for our next steps on our own and exclusively with our personal supporters?

We decided to do it on our own. Especially in terms of costs, this way has the great advantage that more of the investments remain and can flow into the expansion of Africa GreenTec, instead of being diminished by an expensive commission to a platform. In addition, we could arrange everything in a way that is best for all sides and take care of the communication ourselves. We were also advised from many sides to postpone the campaign due to the Corona situation. We decided against it and put all our trust in our crowd. This trust was clearly confirmed!

Mit dem Crowdinvesting möchten wir mit euch gemeinsam hoch hinaus.
With crowdinvesting, we want to aim high together with you

Together we can do even more!

In January 2021, we were also able to rely on the support of our crowd. Through numerous recommendations and the spreading of our common vision, our movement continues to grow. We now stand at nearly €1.4 million from over 630 investors. The developments in the off-grid market also clearly show that an investment in the market has high return opportunities. Our campaign runs until the end of April and we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of €5 million. We would be happy if we can continue to feel this great support through recommendations among friends and acquaintances or social media.


Begleite Africa GreenTec auf dem Weg in eine nachhaltige Zukunft
Join Africa GreenTec on the road to a sustainable future

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Africa GreenTec is growing with you! We empower people to achieve more self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions. Join us!

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