Corona Update

Currently, COVID-19 dominates the headlines and our daily lives.
Supply chain disruptions are occurring worldwide, which is an indication of the dependencies and supply bottlenecks inherent to global systems. Our self-contained systems solutions ensure a decentralized, sustainable and reliable supply for its users – even in times of crisis.

In order to be able to handle such extraordinary situations better in the future, there is a need for an integrated concept based on solidarity, as it is lived in many village communities throughout Africa. We are convinced that our ImpactSites are a prime example of how we can ensure that basic human needs are met without causing environmental damage.

Currently, our business operations in Africa are not threatened in the long term by the COVID-19 crisis. In order to protect our employees and the communities on site, we have suspended all travel to Mali as well as any other countries, and continue to work from home. For 2020, we do expect significant delays in the procurement of investments and the implementation of new projects. However, since we also anticipate a strong increase in demand following the crisis, we are gearing up and planning more missions to implement our innovative concept in new villages all over Africa.


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