Hairdresser with many different facets

As we arrive at Djan Bagayogo’s hairdressing salon, exhausted by the unusual heat, we soon realize: Djan is an impressive personality. His energy and his positivity are captivating and we are quickly motivated by his enthusiasm. Djan is a hairdresser in Sirakoro. During the conversation he turns out to be a multi-talent with many side jobs, but the hairdressing salon was his first project. As a teenager Djan already experimented with different hairstyles and braiding techniques. Sometimes a good friend needed cornrows for a party, sometimes his little cousin wanted braids for the start of school. He quickly noticed that the demand for fancy hairstyles was there and as there was not a single hairdresser in Sirakoro, he decided to simply become one himself.. The potential was there. Word spread quickly throughout the village that he was really good at what he did, and he could hardly save himself from customers. And so he opened his hairdressing salon in 2013.

"I don't see why I have to go to Bamako to look good. Here too, people want to dress up for special occasions like weddings or local festivals. With my salon I have inspired young people in particular to give back to their village and to trust in themselves and their potential. That makes me proud."

Djan Bagayogo
Djan also repairs shoes in his shop
With the electricity he can use machines anf work more efficiently

Djan has faith in the potential of the next generation.

Djan has up to 15 customers a day and can hardly keep up. Therefore he now has 5 employees who support him in his daily work. “What must people be able to do when they apply to you?” we ask.

“My employees must be able to do everything. Just like me. Besides the hairdressing salon, I also repair shoes and do various house installations. I am also active as a painter. I inscribe signs and houses for people. The need for all these things is huge and if nobody else does it, I do it. I want to help where I can. I expect the same from my employees. And most of them have enormous potential. They are raw diamonds that I can shape.”

In fact, Djan is a multi-talent and has even completed a tattoo artist training in Bamako to be able to decorate the skin of the villagers with his designs. Through his activities he wants to prevent the people in the village from buying services in another village or the capital. He wants to create new opportunities in his village and use the potential in the village to do so. And it works. Many get on board and start businesses that benefit their village. There are now even 4 hairdressers in Sirakoro; Djan was the first.

Our Head of Market Intelligence Jan Möllmann and founder Aida Schreiber in conversation with Djan Bagayogo

Electricity as an enabler for more activities in the village

For all, electricity is the prerequisite to make a difference in the village. Djan, for example, uses batteries and small solar panels to power his equipment, but has been looking for a better and reliable solution for a long time. Africa GreenTec offers him an alternative with his electricity.

“To be honest, I don’t think about myself that much. Sure, the electricity from Africa GreenTec will also ease my work. But my main goal is to provide the young people in the village with a perspective. I want to stop them from migrating to the countryside and prevent everyone from trying their luck in Bamako. We can also build something valuable here. Together we can do it, because we have the potential.”

In fact, Djan has many plans. He still wants to open an internet cafe and a copy shop in Sirakoro. He would also like to have a gamestore for the children and young people, where they can try the latest Playstation games. Everybody has dreams and Djan makes us believe that we can achieve them regardless of where we are born.

Just before we leave, Djan’s wife comes by. She has a round belly and is probably already in her eighth month. She is very proud of what her husband has done for his village in the last years and hopes that their child will get the same joy of life, energy and solidarity as his daddy.

Create your own impact

Africa GreenTec exists for people like Djan. We want to create the conditions for more self-determination and growth and thus generate a sustainable impact. YOU too can change something. Become a part of Africa GreenTec and enable people to use their full potential. NO MATTER WHAT. INVEST NOW.

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