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Africa GreenTec empowers people in the Global South to achieve self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions. We believe that together we can take responsibility for a better future, and that every single one of us plays a part in creating community based on mutual respect and the sustainable use of our resources. Our goal is to supply 3 million people with electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Africa GreenTec delivers electricity and sustainable systems solutions to the most remote and inaccessible places in the Global South. Our ImpactSites measurably empower people to achieve more self-determination and growth.

More than 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to electricity. With the ImpactSite, Africa GreenTec has developed a holistic systems solution whereby entire village communities in rural regions are being supplied with electricity and sustainable technologies. We’ve taken electricity to the next level by developing an intelligent system that can withstand the harsh conditions of off-grid regions in Africa – outperforming even modern European standards.

Mit Produkten wie dem leistungsstarken Solartainer® setzen wir auf Solarenergie, die logischste und zugleich sauberste Energiequelle Afrikas. Ein intelligentes Netz verteilt den Strom über ein PrePaid Tarifsystem und ermöglicht Datenanalysen sowie Fernwartung.

Products such as our powerful Solartainer® are driven by solar energy – the most logical and clean energy source of Africa. An intelligent network distributes the electricity via a pre-paid tiered pricing system and enables data analysis as well as remote maintenance.

Africa GreenTec’s ImpactSites in Mali and Niger demonstrate how this technology empowers people to make their own path toward a sustainable and self-determined future by taking advantage of new job opportunities and income streams. Effective cold chains and water treatment enable better handling of the consequences of climate change, while new prospects serve to counteract migration. Close cooperation with local employees and partners is a key factor for our success.

Africa GreenTec is a Mini-Grid developer and operator that also finances and owns the mini-grid assets in Africa. We operate the ImpactSites under a utility business model. This means that we sell electricity, cool storage, water and other services to the customers in the ImpactSite locations.

We are scaling the business model on the rapidly growing off-grid market, which is set to grow more than tenfold in the next 10 years (source: World Bank, 2019). Being an established company in the market, Africa GreenTec is well positioned to expand its leading role and enable growing numbers of people to achieve more self-determination and growth. Access to electricity provides opportunities for people, companies and farmers, while creating new prospects for future generations.

Africa GreenTec AG (Inc.) was founded in January 2016. The founding couple Torsten and Aida Schreiber saw the urgent need for energy supply among off-grid villages in Africa in 2014 and began developing a mobile solar plant, the Solartainer®, together with their steadily growing team.

The holding company, Africa GreenTec AG (Inc.), is based near Frankfurt in Germany and is responsible for market development, increasing the awareness of the local population, project coordination as well as the development and production of the Solartainer® including all associated services. Africa GreenTec Asset GmbH (Ltd.) coordinates the bond financing of the Solartainers® in Mali and is currently managing larger project financing for Mali. Alongside the holding company, national subsidiaries in Mali, Niger and Somalia form the core element of our operator-based model, in which Africa GreenTec acts as a local, decentralized electricity provider. The Malian team comprising more than 80 employees is an important and strategic unit that oversees the projects in Western Africa. The close and familiar cooperation amongst our multinational team is a great source of pride for us.

The group as a whole employs about 100 people, about 80 of which are based in Africa.

As a social enterprise, our top priority is solving social and ecological challenges. However, this does not mean that we give away or donate our services, but rather that we interact with our customers at eye level. Our prices and salaries are adjusted according to the conditions of their respective locations, and calculated in such a way that an ImpactSite can be operated and maintained as financially self-sufficient as possible. Thus, we ensure that our projects are sustainable in every way, rather than failing after only a few years.

As an entrepeneurially-minded organisation, we regard turnover and profits as a means to an end – not an end in itself. We strive for commercial profitability in order to efficiently scale our positive impact. We are committed to working for profit, but are impact-driven at the core.


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Africa GreenTec is growing with you! We empower people to achieve more self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions. Join us!

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