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Access to electricity provides opportunities for people, companies and farmers, while creating new prospects for future generations. We introduce sustainable energy solutions to rural communities in Africa and offer various opportunities to participate in this effort.


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Nassou Oumar

Restaurant owner, farmer, shopkeeper - "Serial Entrepreneur"

"Without electricity it is impossible to turn my ideas into reality, electricity is the foundation of everything. Electricity enabled me to increase my productivity by 70% and then to open a restaurant, where I was able to hire six people. I want to help the village by starting businesses and creating jobs. As an entrepreneur, I am independent and can make my own path - and I couldn't be happier. Ten years ago I was already in Morocco and wanted to go to Europe. If someone offered me to move to Paris today, I would refuse - I have everything here!"

Diessira Diallo

Kiosk owner

"During the rainy and harvest season, I have very few daytime customers. Thanks to electricity and light I can now open my shop in the evening. I also bought a refrigerator. Now I not only throw away less food, but I also attract new customers. They come to buy cooled products and then hang around - my shop has become a meeting point for the village and my income has multiplied. I am now able to feed more than 60 people in my family! In the future I want to open more local shops and help people by not having to travel to Bamako to do their shopping."

Modibo Traore


"Thanks to Africa GreenTec, I can finally work without interruptions. My old diesel generator was constantly failing and too expensive, making smaller jobs unprofitable. Now I have a lot more orders than before and my customers no longer have to drive all the way to Bamako to get custom-made products. This way the jobs and the money stay in the village! Ever since this boost, I have hired several young people and now I employ over 20 people in total. To me, my business means independence, self-sufficiency and freedom. I earn more today than I did in Algeria or Morocco - why would I ever want to leave the village?"

Koloba Keita

Koloba Keita, owner of an internet café

"I couldn't find a job despite my studies, so I worked as a hairdresser. At one point I collected all my savings and bought an old computer to start this internet café. I always wanted to do something that would help everyone in the village. My vision is to teach the children at school how to use computers. Since Africa GreenTec has provided my café with electricity, I have been able to buy many new computers. Before, electricity was very unreliable and the frequent interruptions broke the computers - a disaster for business."


We empower people to achieve more self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions.

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Africa GreenTec is growing with you! We empower people to achieve more self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions. Join us!

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