Sirakoro – 2014

Like every morning, Mamadou Sangar gets up, gets dressed and sets off to meet his master. He is an apprentice with a tailor in Sirakoro. Once there, Mamadou puts on hot water, pours it over the dried herbs and serves his master the freshly brewed tea. He sits down next to him on the wooden bench and watches him sew. The hands of his master are experienced and move quickly. Mamadou has to concentrate in order not to miss anything.

Sirakoro – 2019

5 years later Mamadou Sangari is a trained tailor and has followed in the footsteps of his master. Today his apprentices prepare the morning tea for him and soak up everything he teaches them like sponges. They remind Mamadou of himself and he is happy that he can teach them his passion, tailoring.

The electricity of Africa GreenTec as an alternative to diesel generators

Mamadou currently has 5 sewing machines, all of which he still operates with diesel generators. His master had no other alternative at that time. But he wants to do it differently:

Strom, Unternehmen
Strom, Unternehmen

"The diesel power here is expensive, too loud and often breaks down. Therefore I am looking for an alternative for my company. I am already a private customer of Africa GreenTec and would like to use the electricity commercially now. I see the advantages and am aware that a reliable source of electricity is necessary to be able to take on more orders".

Mamadou Sangari

For Mamadou it is more practical to work in the evening hours, because it is cooler then. With the electricity available in the evening, he can easily work until midnight if an urgent order comes in.

Business plans for the future

During the rainy season, fewer customers tend to come to Mamadou. Therefore he works in the field during this time to support his family. He is newly engaged and wants to provide for his future wife which is why he built her a house with his earnings from the company. On top of that he has other plans:

Strom, Unternehmen
Strom, Unternehmen

"I still have a lot of plans. My brother is currently working in the capital and I am thinking of starting another company with him. But that has not yet been decided. The store here is also doing quite well and I probably can't do both. That's why I still have to think it all over carefully. But I have a lot of ideas in my head.”

Mamadou Sangari

Self-employment leads to fulfillment

For Mamadou it has always been clear that he wants to be self-employed. He has seen with family and friends how quickly you can be fired from a job, not knowing what to do next. Now he is his own boss and earns money doing something he enjoys. 

For the future, Mamadou wishes that he can continue to expand and fill more people with enthusiasm for the art of tailoring.

"If you can do something really well, that's a great thing. I am very happy when I can teach young people to tailor and they do it with the same passion as I do. We dress all of Sirakoro. We make sure that the people here are dressed up smartly and are self-confident through their clothes. I'm proud of that, so I’m carrying on."

Mamadou Sangari

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