In today’s #Villagestory we would like to take you again to the Kayes region, more precisely to the village of Mélo.

Mélo (60 m above sea level) is located in the border area of Mali and its northwestern neighbor Mauritania. About 5,500 people live in Mélo, the largest ethnic group being the “Peul”. I put the word “Peul” in quotation marks because I want to point out that the “Peul” are of course not a homogeneous group and consist of many individuals who may or may not identify with this group in different ways.

The “Peul” or “Peulh” are originally a nomadic people, but today the majority of them have become sedentary in the course of their Islamization. Traditionally, the “Peul” follow a strict code, the Pulaaku. The pulaaku regulates communal life; it defines the social structure and provides orientation.

Meeting in Melo
Torsten Schreiber in conversation with the village authorities Mélos

In the Sahel region in particular, climate change is already having an impact

As in the entire region, the extreme dry and rainy seasons and increasing desertification are the biggest problems for the local people. Water and wood shortages, extreme temperatures and flooding are the consequences of the increasingly extreme weather events caused by climate change. For the people, this leads to crop failures, dry wells and barely tolerable temperatures for humans, animals and crops. 

Crop losses could be significantly reduced by the Cooltainer from Africa GreenTec

Due to the high heat even in the houses, most people use Africa GreenTec’s electricity for fans. We believe that the availability of effective cooling through our Cooltainer can have a great impact in Mélo. Currently, a significant portion of the harvest cannot be preserved due to the extreme heat and spoils. This results in significant losses on the part of the families; not only from a self-sufficient perspective, but also from an economic perspective.

Klimawandel, Hitze
In addition to the Solartainer, the Cooltainer in Mélo could also create sustainable impact

Economic upward spiral due to electricity

Due to the proximity to the national highway and the neighboring country of Mauritania, it is once again the traders and stores who benefit most from the supply of electricity in this location. In this way, creative business ideas can be inspired or developed further and an economic upward spiral is created. Like a stone that starts rolling, people thus empower each other through the new opportunities that sustainable energy solutions offer them.

We hope to translate this potential into an even more sustainable impact in Mélo in the future. 

With our solar pumps, water treatment plants and the Cooltainer, the right solutions are already waiting in the wings. Hopefully, you will learn more about the village of Mélo in a follow-up blog article soon.

Hopefully you’ll learn more about the village of Mélo in a follow up blog article soon.

Klimawandel, Hitze
Mélos residents during a meeting
Klimawandel, Hitze
Lunchtime in Mélo

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