nachhaltig, Klimawandel
Since 2018, the Solartainer supplies the village of Séro with electricity

Today we would like to take you to Séro. The village of Séro belongs to the Kayes district in the Kayes region and is located 64 meters above sea level in the area which borders on neighboring Mauritania.

The landscape is characterized by low trees, acacias and other heat-resistant bush species. The region regularly experiences temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celcius.

nachhaltig, Klimawandel
Most of the properties are delimited by fences

Climate change is showing its effects – also in Séro

Climate change is also leaving its mark on Séro and the surrounding villages. On the one hand, increasing desertification and long dry periods are making life difficult for farmers. Dry periods with temperatures 2 to 3 degrees above the long-term average often make it impossible to secure the entire harvest. Crop failures are the result. On the other hand, there are more and more extreme weather events such as floods during the rainy seasons. The dry soils cannot absorb the water fast enough and the floods take everything with them.

Currently, about 7,500 people live in Séro, the majority of whom belong to the Khassonké and Peulh ethnic groups.

nachhaltig, Klimawandel
Here you can see the bricks with which most of the houses in Séro are built

Convincing sustainable solutions

As in some other villages, the people in Séro were skeptical about Africa GreenTec at first, as they had often been disappointed by “development workers” in the past.  When we were able to show that we were serious and walked the talk, our motivation and sustainable approach were better understood and very well received. In consultation and cooperation with the villagers, Africa GreenTec set up a complete tool shed with storage space and an office for the staff in Séro. The site was fenced in by the villagers to keep animals out. 
nachhaltig, Klimawandel
To protect the Solartainer from goats and other animals, a fence was installed

Sustainable electricity as an enabler for more business in Séro

Actual electricity sales then began in October 2018 after a test phase.

Currently, the power supply supports the village mainly in the areas of security, especially through lighting at night, and in the refrigeration of meat, vegetables and drinks. The power supply allows stores on the National Road to benefit even more from the through traffic, as they can now welcome more customers. 

The biggest acute challenge for the community in Séro is the water supply. Here, we want to generate even more impact in the future with our holistic solutions. Modern pumps and other technology will enable farmers to irrigate their fields more efficiently, and a water treatment plant will also enable the village to benefit from clean drinking water.

We are excited to see how these new technologies will change the village in the long term and will keep you updated.

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