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ImpactSite is a holistic systems solution, that empowers people to make their own path towards a sustainable and self-determined future by taking advantage of new job opportunities and income streams. Effective cold chains and water treatment enable better handling of the consequences of climate change, while new prospects serve to counteract migration. Explore our locations.

All ImpactSites at a glance

Africa GreenTec besitzt und betreibt Anlagen vor Ort

Sirakoro (Kayes, Kreis Kita) – Mali

Fanidiama (Sikasso) – Mali

Lambatra (Kayes) – Mali

Bananso (Sikasso) – Mali

Tambaga (Kayes, Kreis Kita) – Mali

Diadioumbera (Kayes) – Mali

Toukoto (Kayes, Kreis Kita) – Mali

Kaï (Sikasso) – Mali

Cinzana-Gare (Segou) – Mali

Mélo (Kayes) – Mali

Séro (Kayes) – Mali

Gouméra (Kayes) – Mali

Foh (Sikasso) – Mali

Dalakana (Koulikoro) – Mali

Amaloul (Tahoua) – Niger

Mourdiah (Nara) – Mali

What is an ImpactSite?

Africa GreenTec is growing with you! We empower people to achieve more self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions. Join us!

About Crowdinvesting

*** Impact Alert! ***

We offer 1197 limited, verified impact token (V.I.T.A.), which measured the impact of 1197 people in Amoloul, Niger over the period of one year.