Dry season in Dianjoumbera. It is scorching hot. Even the air burns on the skin. Lorenz, our Director of Engineering came to the village with Mamadou Sall, our Technical Director in Mali and a small team of technicians. Some small things still have to be sorted out. The Solartainer® is standing. Electricity is already being produced. But in order for everything to run optimally, the Solartainer® needs to be readjusted a bit. 

Strom, Dorf
Over 4000 people live in Dianjoumbera

Unexpected acquaintance

With 45 degrees in the shade. The men are sweating. After about an hour at the Solartainer® a man passes by. “Salut, how are you? Are you the guys from Africa GreenTec? We have something to talk about,” he says. The team climbs down from the Solartainer® and eagerly awaits what the man has to say. It turns out that he is already a customer of Africa GreenTec and operates a water pump in Dianjoumbera. This way he supplies the entire village sustainably and makes an important contribution to the community. 
Strom, Dorf
In the shadow of the Solartainer® the discussions take place
Strom, Dorf
Since the beginning of 2019 the Solartainer® is operating

He already uses the highest tariff zone (4), which is available until 5 pm. However, since the demand for his services is higher, especially in the evenings, he would like to find another solution. Two hours and a mint tea later, all parties have agreed and negotiated a special tariff. He can now supply the village with water for longer. 

To thank him for the special rate he comes back in the evening. With two chickens in tow. “Today we celebrate,” he says. And so the animals are prepared and a feast seals the new agreement. 

The village of Dianjoumbera already had electricity from a diesel generator before Africa GreenTec. The mayor saw what the Solartainer® had set in motion in the neighboring villages, such as Goumera and Selo, and decided to request Africa GreenTec for his village as well.

Indeed, since getting access to electricity, Dianjoumbera has become a popular stopover for travelers, traders and commuters. Many people passing through are invited to stay because of the newly established stores, which can now offer cool drinks, light and music, among other things. Also the small fried fish, which are sold at every roadside, are a sales hit in Dianjoumbera

Strom, Dorf
Up to 40 degrees can occur here in the dry season

Between arid and humid extremes

Fish are plentifult in the small waters next to the wadi (desert riverbed), the lifeline of the region. Dianjoumbera is a village of extreme climates. While it is a simple desert area in the dry season, there are torrential rains in the rainy season, which cause torrential mudslides that have already claimed a number of livesOur team of technicians was not able to travel to Dianjoumberazu during this rainy season. The wadi was not crossable. It was simply too dangerous. But we hope to be back in Dianjoumbera as soon as possible to see the progress in the village.

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