Marko Traore is already waiting for us at his store. Casually he is leaning on the door frame with one arm on his hip , smiling at us. After a short greeting we enter and are amazed. We do not really know where to look first. He has a huge selection of products. From moped parts to chewing gum or flashlights, at Marko’s Shop you will find everything. If you need anything in Sirakoro, the first place to go is Marko’s. If he doesn’t have it, it is safe to assume that no one else has it and you will have to drive to the capital Bamako to get it.

Strom, Shop
Strom, Shop

Marko has been running his store for 7 years. He started very small. He used to ride his bicycle or moped from village to village to sell food and small useful products. In order to better support his growing family, he then settled permanently in Sirakoro and opened a small store. A lot of time has passed since then and Marko was able to expand his business.

Strom, Shop
Strom, Shop

Even before Africa GreenTec, Marko had electricity through solar panels

A few years ago he even invested in solar panels and installed them on the roof of his store.

"The electricity generated by the solar panels has changed things for the better for me. Now I know what electricity is all about. For example, my guests are always happy to get cold refreshments, so I bought a refrigerator right away to attract even more customers. In addition, people used to steal products from my store. Now that I have electricity in the evenings, they don't dare to do that anymore. Even if the solar panels are not optimal, I now have a better understanding of what electricity can do. I hope that the electricity from Africa GreenTec will provide me with a more reliable source of energy and that I will no longer be so dependent on the solar panels."

Marko Traore

Family before business

Marko is happy that he can also include his family in his business. He works together with his 25-year-old son and his nephew. Everything he knows, he passes on to them. For the future he would like for one of them to continue running his store. He also plans to open more stores in Sirakoro. Throughout the village, the children are always talking about the latest Playstation games. He would like to open a small game store for them, where the children can try out the latest video games together.

When we ask him how satisfied he is with his life and work, it becomes clear what his family means to him: 

"I am very satisfied with my life, of course I am happy that the store is running so well, but that is not the main reason for my satisfaction. My family makes up my satisfaction. I am happy that I can work side by side with them every day and I hope very much that I can do this for a very long time."

Marko Traore

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