While we stroll through the small village of Toukoto, which is not far from Kita, we repeatedly notice buildings that are rather untypical for Mali and remind us of an old industrial area in England. Stone chimneys rise into the blue sky and form a stark contrast to the otherwise rather agricultural environment.

Toukoto is historically very interesting, especially since the only train connection in Mali ran through here. There was a railway connection that reached from Dakar to Bamako. But today it is not in use anymore. The village profited economically from it for a long time. The former railway station building still stands today,however, it only serves as a storage room for old tools.

The colonial influence is still visible today

An old brick building also catches our eye during our tour. Toukoto must have served as a production site for goods in the past. Unfortunately, during our visit we could not find out exactly what was produced here.

We stayed overnight in the mayor’s house, which was very interesting from a constructional point of view. It was equipped with toilets, light switches and lamps butthere was neither water nor electricity. Someone must have built the house with the intention to use water and electricity. But there were no providers on site.

This has changed with Africa GreenTec. In addition to electricity, the villagers will also be provided with WiFi in the future to ensure a holistic impact. Since Tokoto has a relatively poor mobile phone network, this is a big highlight for the villagers, especially for the younger generation. With the help of the Solartainer, a hotspot can be set up, giving the villagers access to the Internet at all times. The impact would be enormous.

Motorcycle ride through Toukoto

Our Director of Engineering Lorenz and our Project Manager for Engineering Vincent definitely had a lot of fun in Toukoto. During a short break at the Solartainer, they were able to organize two motorcycles with old-school gears from two boys and went for a little ride through the village. 

Lights off and good night

The opening ceremony definitely stayed in our memory. There was a good celebration, everybody danced, had fun and was just happy about the successful installation of the solar container. But in the middle of a Fela Kuti classic the music suddenly stopped and it got dark. Later it turned out that the inverter in the Solartainer was just running an update, which cut the power connection.

Vincent of course ran quickly to the Solartainer to get the party going again as fastas possible. And indeed, the problem was solved after a short time and the party could have continued. But when he came back to the party, almost everybody had already gone home and only a few villagers were still standing together and talked. A party without music is just not a real party. What is certain is that the system is now running smoothly and the villagers can now hold a big party every day with everything that goes with it.

Become part of the vision and create a lasting impact!

Moments like these show us again and again how important our work is. Be it that you can dance and eat together until late at night. Be it that people get internet access. We want to empower people to achieve more self-determination and growth and the first step towards this is electricity. Clean electricity. YOU too can make your contribution and create sustainable impact. Become a part of our vision and invest NOW. We are always open for questions and would be happy if you contact us via the contact form.

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