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#StaffStory Herinajaina

August 18, 2022


I am Herinajaina Mirajonirina, I am 18 years old, I live in Antananarivo right now but I grew up in Antanetimboahangy, Analavory in the district Miarinarivo in the Itasy region. The Africa GreenTec pilot project is also located in this region. Since the beginning of 2022 I am working as an intern in the Brand Communication team at Africa GreenTec Madagascar. My main task is to translate different material for publications on social media.

I am crazy about literature and music. I play some musical instruments such as guitar, piano, valiha (a traditional Malagasy instrument) and I am a slam performer and an author in Malagasy too.

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At this moment, I am studying English at a private School in Antananarivo. I am currently in level 04. I also take drawing and painting classes with a Malagasy art instructor. I would like to study Graphic and Multimedia Design (video creator, photography and illustration) at a private school next year. My long term goal is to create a free private school with a modern education program and a focus on arts to help young Malagasy people, like me, to have a brighter future. In my opinion education is a key to developing yourself and electricity is a key to education because you can research information on the internet and you can study better with light.

I am really happy I got to know about Africa GreenTec when I met Moritz and Scrolan the first time at a market in my hometown, in Analavory on 31st November 2021. They told me about the projects of the company. I immediately like the idea to empower people in rural areas of Madagascar through sustainable energy solutions. So I applied for a job at Africa GreenTec Madagascar and got the opportunity to join the Brand Communication team. Since then I translated interviews from malagasy people in Malagasy into English and I helped out with different tasks at the office.


This is my first job and I like working together with my co-workers at AGT because they are very friendly and teach me lots of things, which gives me a good work experience. Working for AGT is very interesting because we have a very important mission, which is to offer sustainable and reliable energy in rural Madagascar. I am so proud of helping my country to fight against the lack of electricity. It is one of my dreams to help my compatriots to overcome poverty.