Watertainer® – Self Sufficient Drinking Water Treatment for Healthy Living Conditions

The solar powered Watertainer is a containerized water treatment system for all common water sources. Drinking water is made available through ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis technology. Thus, we reduce the risk of disease for entire communities.


5 kWp solar system
incl. batteries

Water purification

clean drinking water
through ultrafiltration 

Water desalination

through reverse
osmosis technology

Optional charging station

for cell phones & small devices

Niklas Schneck,
Products & Logistics Manager - AGT AG

A hub for drinking water, the Watertainer also provides power for other local business ideas, such as a cell phone charging station.

Niklas Schneck,
Products & Logistics Manager - AGT AG

51 % of the Rural Population in Sub-Saharan Africa Have No Access to Clean Water*

The availability of drinking water is a critical issue in the global south. Obtaining water takes a lot of time in rural areas, and often requires traveling long distances. Contaminated water can lead to a variety of diseases. *Source Worldbank

Reliable. Self-sufficient. Time-saving.

Watertainer – Innovative Water Treatment Technology

The 20-foot Watertainer is equipped with the same water treatment technology as the FilterUP, our extension for the Solartainer. The Watertainer can operate both on the grid and completely self-sufficiently, thanks to the integrated 5 kWp solar system. Not only does it provide communities with safe access to clean drinking water, but it also has numerous other applications thanks to the powerful solar system. For example, a cell phone charging station that charges up to 40 devices simultaneously can be integrated. In addition, the Watertainer offers space inside for the operation of our CoolUPs as well as sales areas to sell local products.

We Do Not Want to Make a Profit with Water

If we do not sell the Watertainer but operate it ourselves, it is important to us not to make a profit with the drinking water. In order to be able to guarantee sustainable operation and maintenance, we charge a small fee for the treatment of the drinking water. This is because the water filters have to be cleaned regularly and replaced after a certain period of time.

The Watertainer Operating Model

liters per hour
drinking water for
up to 300 households
Water dispersion unit
specifically developed system
for measuring the amount of water,
digital billing and easy operation
jobs (at least)
our employees
operate the Watertainer
and help the customers

Directeur Commercial - AGT Senegal

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The Watertainer as Part of Our Holistic Solution – The ImpactSite

Learn more about our ImpactSite and how the Watertainer, in combination with access to sustainable and reliable solar energy, cooling, and internet, empowers entire communities to more self-determination and growth.

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