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We Are Africa GreenTec

We empower people to achieve self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions.


More Than 775 Million People in Sub-Saharan Africa Have No Access to Electricity*

With a holistic system solution, we are implementing ImpactSites® in which entire communities in rural regions are equipped with electricity and sustainable technologies. We have taken electricity further and developed an intelligent system that can withstand the harsh conditions of Africa's off-grid regions as well as exceed today's European standards.

With products like the powerful Solartainer®, we are focusing on solar energy, a sustainable and at the same time the most logical energy source in Africa. An intelligent grid distributes electricity via a pre-paid tariff system and enables data analysis and remote maintenance. *Source: iea 2022


Our Holistic Solutions

ImpactSites, which Africa GreenTec has already built in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa, empower people to shape their future in a sustainable and more self-determined way. Reliable and affordable electricity is at the basis of everything, creating new opportunities, jobs and income. In the process, cold chains and water treatment make it possible to deal with the consequences of climate change more effectively, and new perspectives counteract migration. Close collaboration with local employees and partners is a key factor for our success.

C&I and ImpactProducts

The holistic approach of Africa GreenTec is rounded off by C&I solutions for companies and individually sellable ImpactProducts. ImpactProducts include e.g. SolarUPs, StreetUPs, CoolUPs and other high quality products and services optimized for local conditions, which are either sold/leased individually or are part of the ImpactSite.


We Keep Growing

We are scaling the business model in the fast-growing off-grid market, which is expected to grow more than tenfold in the next ten years (source: World Bank, 2019). As an established company in the market, Africa GreenTec is well positioned to expand its leadership role and empower more and more people to achieve self-determination and growth. Electricity translates into opportunities for people, businesses as well as agriculture and creates prospects for the next generations.


Impact-Driven for Profit

As a social enterprise, solving social and environmental challenges is the top priority of our work. In doing so, we do not give away or donate our services, but rather act on an equal footing with our customers. Our prices and wages are adapted to the respective local conditions and calculated in such a way that an ImpactSite can be operated and maintained as economically self-sufficient as possible. In this way, we ensure that our projects do not fail after a few years, but are sustainable in every sense.

As an entrepreneurial company, sales and profits are therefore a means to an end for us - and not an end in themselves. Our goal is profitability to enable an efficient scaling of our positive impact.

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Africa GreenTec Foundation e.V.

The Africa GreenTec Foundation operates as a non-profit organization funded by donations and works in partnership with the Africa GreenTec Group. Our common goal is to empower underserved communities through educational initiatives and sustainable humanitarian support. In our partnership, Africa GreenTec acts as a technical provider offering innovative solutions, while Africa GreenTec Foundation takes on the role of implementation. Our goal is to promote self-reliance by providing capacity-building programs in areas such as entrepreneurship, energy and agriculture. Through collaborative efforts, we promote mutual learning and a community-based approach to sustainable development.

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