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How We Work

Key factors for the success of our work are our local experience and how we implement our projects in the communities. Communication at eye level with clients and project partners as well as a conscientious selection process of our project sites distinguish Africa GreenTec and set us apart from competitors.


How New ImpactSites® Are Selected

Our work has earned Africa GreenTec a very good reputation in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. There is much talk about Africa GreenTec and more than one million people are already following us on social media. As a result, the initial contact with a new potential ImpactSite or C&I project is multifaceted. We receive inquiries directly from the community or an entire region, from governments, ministries of a country, or from organizations working to electrify rural populations or meet SDGs.


Community Analysis and Initial Discussions

We examine each potential location for an ImpactSite very carefully. Distance to the national power grid, distance to a paved road, population, distance between homes, country-specific regulations, and affordability all play important roles. 

In a first step, we use satellite imagery to estimate the size, population and layout of the community. The next step is then to visit the village in person with our technical and communications teams. The technicians take a close look at the conditions as well as generators, solar panels, etc. that private or business people are already using. Our communications team begins with initial surveys to determine the specific electricity needs of the community and thus the required size of our system. Also, the demandfor our ImpactProducts for cooling, water treatment, and internet is best assessed by talking directly with potential customers.


Work and Partnerships at Eye Level

We attach great importance to respectful communication. From the very beginning, we have established an intensive sensitization process for which we hire employees with language and cultural skills from the respective regions. Raising awareness and informing our customers is one of our most important tasks. Often, people in the villages have little experience with electricity. We hold information events and one-on-one customer talks in the village beforehand and again after the ImpactSite goes into operation. There we explain how electricity can be used safely and efficiently and how the tariff system works. This also includes advice on which devices can be used sensibly with which tariffs. For this purpose, we use specially developed comics that provide low-threshold information as visual support. 

Africa GreenTec always works closely with local governments and authorities. Without the support of local stakeholders, our vision would be difficult to implement. We are convinced that change is only possible through the involvement of local organizations.


Value Creation on Site

We want to achieve the greatest possible impact and value creation in sub-Saharan Africa. One way of attaining this goal is the creation of local jobs. In each country where we are active, we establish a country organization. Its employees are responsible for the planning, logistics, implementation and maintenance of the projects in the country. In addition, we hire at least two employees for each of our ImpactSites directly at the site to take care of maintenance, guarding and customer support. In this way, we create highly skilled jobs in the country and in the communities.

We are also planning a carbon-neutral and pioneering headquarter in Dakar, Senegal, including a fully comprehensive production and training center. Many of our employees are already on site and are ensuring the transfer of knowledge from Germany to Senegal, so that we will be able to manufacture all products locally, train new employees and operate logistics locally in the very near future.

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