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Do you own an electric vehicle and want to generate even more impact together with Africa GreenTec? The German government's GHG quota makes it possible and with our partner fairnergy we have the perfect solution for you!

fairnergy and Africa GreenTec

fairnergy makes it as easy as possible to claim the greenhouse gas subsidy (GHG quota) for electric cars. Everyone is entitled to the bonus, but the process is often cumbersome for an individual, as the GHG quota must be applied for and then sold to a CO2-emitting company. fairnergy takes care of this entire process for you and at the same time offers the option of automatically donating your greenhouse gas subsidy to a sustainable company, such as Africa GreenTec.

Africa GreenTec has been an official rewards partner of fairnergy since the past two years and numerous electric car drivers have already chosen us as their impact partner. Our partnership has already raised €400,000, providing access to electricity for an entire community in the Global South.

GHG premiums have already been donated to Africa GreenTec projects

Be Part of the Success of this Initiative

Register your GHG promotion with fairnergy and choose Africa GreenTec as a reward option. Be part of the Change!

Achieve Even More in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: fairnergy checks your documents

You create an account, register your e-vehicle(s) and select a reward option. All you need to register is a photo of your vehicle registration document. fairnergy will check your documents and take care of the rest of the bureaucratic paperwork. You can sit back and relax!

Step 2: Trading the GHG quota

fairnergy negotiates a GHG quota for you and receives the corresponding premium for your electric vehicle from the oil companies.

Step 3: Credit note or impact

After successfully trading your GHG quota, you or the selected donation project will receive the credit note.

*It takes approx. 4-6 months for a process to be completed, as the review by the Federal Environment Agency takes several months.

How the GHG Quota Works

The political climate protection instrument of the greenhouse gas reduction quota for transport is intended to promote green electromobility. On the basis of this legal foundation, the German government obliges the fossil fuel industry to co-finance the renewable energy transition in the transport sector.

Together with our community, we are collecting these funds from the oil companies and investing them in green electromobility and a fair and renewable energy supply. For the global energy transition in a future fit for grandchildren.

GHG quota for your e-vehicle

E-cars & e-two-wheelers with vehicle registration; Guaranteed €80 as a credit, e-benefit or for the energy transition

GHG quota for your e-transporter

Light e-commercial vehicles of class N1; Guaranteed €120 as a credit, e-benefit or for the energy transition


Create Even More Impact

Register your GHG promotion with fairnergy and choose Africa GreenTec as your reward option. Be part of the Change!

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