CoolUP® – Innovative Cooling Technology for Permanently Fresh Food

We have developed an innovative and efficient refrigerator specially designed to run on solar power. During the day, when the sun is shining, the CoolUP can be powered by solar electricity and at the same time store cold. At night, this cold is used to continue cooling the food even without electricity.

operating costs

due to low power


thanks to environmentally
friendly refrigerant
and robust design

DC /AC versions

Designed for
solar power supply

Plug & Play

available as
a set including
solar panels

Anna Ndiaye,
Directrice Générale - AGT Sénégal

The CoolUP creates new business opportunities for our customers, such as the production and sale of cooled drinks or yogurt.

Anna Ndiaye,
Directrice Générale - AGT Sénégal

Energy Saving Through PCM Technology

The housing structure of our CoolUP is equipped with the energy-efficient PCM storage technology. The phase change material, or PCM for short, is a substance that absorbs energy during the transition from solid to liquid and thus cools the interior even without power supply. In combination with particularly efficient insulation, our CoolUP is therefore perfect for being powered only during the day.




Efficient. Robust. Sustainable.

Only 8 hrs. of Electricity per Day Brings 24 hrs. of Cooling

After an initial cooling phase (10 - 15 hours), the CoolUP requires only about 8 hours of power to maintain an internal temperature of 6 - 8 °C for another 16 hours. This is made possible by the use of our innovative PCM technology. The data given are approximate values and may vary depending on the ambient temperature.

Our CoolUP is available in three versions. Either in the direct current version (CoolUP DC) for a self-sufficient off-grid application or in the alternating current version (CoolUP AC) as a relief for the battery storage of a self-sufficient power grid. Or as a CoolUP Set including: 2 x 100 Wp PV panels, 2 x PV brackets, 5 meters of solar cable and connections.


Directeur Commercial - AGT Senegal

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