PumpUP® – Solar-Powered Irrigation System to Empower Farmers

We support African farmers with our solar-powered, innovative and highly efficient borehole pumps. Thanks to our personal on-site consulting, we ensure that every customer receives the perfect system for their needs.

Plug & Play

self-sufficient system
including solar modules

up to 15,000 l/h

and up to 200 m
borehole depth for
an optimal effect

0,48-4 kW
electric motor

with high
and long
service life

100 % renewable

by solar energy,
without diesel

Oumar Maiga,
Brand Communication Director - AGT Mali

With our PumpUP, farmers can save a lot of money because they don't have to buy expensive diesel.

Oumar Maiga,
Brand Communication Director - AGT Mali
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Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Efficient Due to 100 % Renewable Energy Without Diesel

Our system includes a high-quality borehole pump, solar modules with mounting system, electrical connections and optionally a water high tank. The borehole pumps can also be operated directly with direct current (DC) without an inverter, which reduces the installation effort and costs.

The solar powered pump system can be paid off in monthly installments over a period of 2-4 years. These installments are usually cheaper than the average operating cost of a comparable diesel pump. After this period, the savings are even greater, as only maintenance costs are incurred. The predictable costs and the reliable solar pump provide great economic opportunities for farmers, and it's all climate-friendly.


High cost savings

No energy costs,
after payment of all installments
almost free of charge

Self-sufficient. Efficient. Reliable.

The All-Inclusive Carefree Package

Our well-trained Africa GreenTec staff will help select the perfect system. After holding a consultation with our clients we decide together which solar-powered irrigation system best fits their needs. Among other things, we discuss the borehole depth as well as the sizing of the solar system. If the situation requires it, an additional high tank can provide irrigation before sunrise. Our package also includes transportation of the components and installation.


Directeur Commercial - AGT Senegal

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