Self-Sufficient Cooling System for Sustainable Agriculture

Farmers are the foundation of the African economy. We strengthen rural communities by implementing our containerized cooling system. With the Cooltainer, we minimize food spoilage and offer new opportunities for food distribution. The technology was developed in Germany and is produced locally in Africa.

Self-sufficient operation

~ 5 kWp solar system
incl. batteries

2 - 10 °C inside temperature

at an ambient temperature
of up to 35 °C

21 m3 cold

to minimize
food loss

Plug & Play

easy to operate and remotely monitored

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40 % of the Vegetable And Fruit Harvests Spoil in Sub-Saharan Africa*

Due to a lack of cold chains, a large part of the harvest in sub-saharan Africa cannot be stored for long, and valuable food spoils in the sun every day. Not only does this result in food shortages, but it also causes high CO2 emissions. Severe climate changes further complicate farmers' conditions. *Source FAO

Cool. Self-sufficient. Innovative.

Cooltainer – The Self-Sufficient Cooling System Keeps the Harvest Fresh

The 20-foot Cooltainer can operate both on the grid and completely self-sufficiently, thanks to the integrated 5-kWp solar system. When we operate the Cooltainer ourselves, farmers can rent boxes for their crops inside the Cooltainer. For this purpose, we have developed a well designed process that ensures the easiest possible use for our customers. However, the Cooltainer can also be purchased as a complete solution or rented and operated individually.


Cooling as a Service – The Cooltainer Business Model

The Cooltainer provides farmers with cold storage space for their harvest so that it does not spoil in the heat. This is especially helpful during harvest time when, for example, a lot of tomatoes are harvested in a short time, but not all of them can be sold immediately. With the Cooltainer, our customers have the opportunity to individually rent cold storage space when they need it. Thus, they can get good prices for their goods over a longer period of time and food doesn't spoil prematurely.

liter boxes
can be rented
for one or more days
by our customers
can be accommodated
in the Cooltainer for
convenient storage
preferably local women
operate the Cooltainer
and help the customers

Directeur Commercial - AGT Senegal

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The Cooltainer as Part of Our Holistic Solution – The ImpactSite

Learn more about our ImpactSite and how the Cooltainer, in combination with access to sustainable and reliable solar energy, drinking water, and internet, empowers entire communities to more self-determination and growth.

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