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About Africa GreenTec

What does Africa GreenTec do?

Africa GreenTec is a German-African social enterprise that helps people in the Global South to achieve greater self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions. With a holistic system solution, we implement ImpactSites® in which entire communities in rural regions are equipped with electricity and sustainable technologies. We have taken electricity a step further and developed an intelligent system that can withstand the harsh conditions of Africa's off-grid regions and exceeds current European standards. With products such as the powerful Solartainer®, we are focusing on solar energy, a sustainable and at the same time the most logical energy source in Africa. An intelligent grid distributes the electricity via a prepaid tariff system and enables data analysis and remote maintenance.

We are scaling the business model in the rapidly growing off-grid market, which is expected to grow more than tenfold in the next ten years (source: World Bank, 2019). As an established company in the market, Africa GreenTec is well positioned to expand its leading role and empower more and more people to achieve self-determination and growth. Electricity means opportunities for people, businesses and agriculture and creates prospects for future generations.

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What is an ImpactSite?

We call communities ImpactSites where we create a basis for sustainable development with the help of local people and our energy solutions. Our aim is to promote not only the provision of electricity but also the applications that build on it. These include drinking water treatment, enabling cold chains, internet access, energy-efficient end devices, street lighting, modern machinery for businesses and the promotion of education. It is therefore important that an infrastructure exists or is built in the village to help people achieve these goals. For us, this means that there is a school, a hospital and small businesses. With our mobile solar systems, we generate clean electricity where it is needed, namely in communities that are far away from the central power grid. We set up a state-of-the-art mini-grid to give people access to the energy generated and provide sustainable and modern equipment to use the electricity efficiently. These components make our system what it is - a holistic and clean energy solution - and the communities ImpactSites.

How do the mini-grids in the ImpactSite work?

How can local people use the electricity sensibly?

Why has Africa GreenTec chosen containers as the basis for many of its products?

What happens if one of the ImpactProducts has technical problems?

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Is the Solartainer a so-called solar home system?

Our work on site

How are new ImpactSites selected?

Through our work, Africa GreenTec has built up a very good reputation in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. There is a lot of talk about Africa GreenTec and over a million people already follow us on social networks. As a result, the initial contact with a new potential ImpactSite or C&I project is diverse. We receive requests directly from the community, companies or an entire region, from governments, ministries of a country or from organizations that are committed to the electrification of the rural population or the fulfillment of SDGs. 

We examine every potential location for an ImpactSite very carefully. The distance to the national power grid, the distance to a paved road, the number of inhabitants, the distance between the houses, the regulations in the country and the financial feasibility all play an important role. In the first step, we use satellite images to assess the size, population and structure of the community. The next step is a personal visit to the village with our technical and communications teams. The technicians take a very close look at the conditions, including generators, solar systems, etc. that private or business people are already using. Our communications team begins with initial surveys to determine the specific electricity requirements of the community and therefore the size of our system. The need for our ImpactProducts for cooling, water treatment and the internet is also best identified in direct discussions with potential customers.

How do you communicate and work with local people?

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How is the solar power in the villages paid for by the customers?

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Why is electricity an important factor for sustainable development?