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Solar Power for Commercial & Industrial (C&I)

It's not just rural communities and sole proprietors that benefit from reliable power solutions. Larger companies in industry and the service sector can also increase their productivity and sales if they have a predictable and cost-effective power supply.

Individually Dimensioned Solar Systems

For C&I customers with high electricity needs, such as hospitals, hotels and factories, we offer individually sized rooftop or ground-mounted solar systems. This reliable, clean power supply provides businesses with the foundation for sustainable, economic growth. Switching from diesel power or the largely fossil fuel power mix from state grids to solar power not only helps businesses economically, but also helps the environment by saving enormous amounts of CO2.
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Our Experience in the Market

Through our years of work in sub-Saharan Africa, we have repeatedly met contacts from business and industry who wish to equip their company, hotel or administrative building with a solar system. Due to our good networking and local experience, we are a very suitable partner for the implementation of such projects. So far, potential customers have approached us on their own initiative. Our teams in the respective countries then advise the customers individually. In the future, we would like to focus more on this service. After all, by actively approaching small businesses and SMEs, our project pipeline and our impact can grow further.
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Project Planning

First, our team checks the requirements and scope of the project. Is the project realistic? Are we already represented with employees on site? If not, is the project volume worth sending a team? What type of deal (purchase, leasing, etc.) is suitable and how will the financing be arranged? All these are questions that we discuss with our clients early in the project phase, before we start with the individual, technical planning of the respective solar plant. If our client needs support in financing the project, we are on the spot with our finance team, our specialists for subsidies and our crowd to help and advise. Together, we can enable more renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa and make a difference for a sustainable and livable future.

Technical Planning and Implementation

The second step, then, is the technical planning of the solar system. We offer individually dimensioned rooftop or ground-mounted solar plants. Our experienced engineers advise our customers on the size and orientation of the system. This can be combined with a battery storage for evening and night power. The technical planning is tailored exactly to the company’s needs, allowing for an optimal and efficient power supply. Once the planning is complete, we purchase high-quality components from our suppliers. Our on-site team then assembles the system on a turnkey basis and is also there for our customers after the installation is complete if they have any questions or require maintenance.

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