StreetUP® – Solar Powered Street Lighting for Safe Communities

Many communities in sub-Saharan Africa have no electricity and therefore no lit streets at night, resulting in a poor security situation. Our self-sufficient StreetUPs change this and bring light to the streets. For women in particular, this leads to an increased sense of security and thus more self-determination. Lighting extends the day for people because they are no longer dependent on the sunset and can pursue activities in the cooler evening hours.

solar energy

integrated solar
panel enables 100%
power supply

No operating & low maintenance

no additional costs for power supply

High lumen

200 lumens/watt

Flexibility and
easy installation

suitable for any
type of mast

Mrs. Nivoarilalanjatovo,
Mayor of Mahavelona in Madagascar

One of our problems was security. Without electricity, our village was in the dark at night and people felt unsafe.

Mrs. Nivoarilalanjatovo,
Mayor of Mahavelona in Madagascar

100 % Renewable Solar Energy

No external power supply is needed, so there is no cost for power supply. The clever design combines a bifacial PV panel, a powerful lithium-ion battery and a high luminosity LED. With two optional mounting systems, StreetUPs are easy to install and ready to light up the streets.

Autonomous. Renewable. Reliable.

Sustainability Through Longevity

Sustainability is in our DNA, so all the components of our StreetUPs are individually replaceable and if one part breaks, you don't have to replace the entire lantern. The integrated lithium-ion batteries are the perfect solution to light up the streets all night long. With the heating protection system, we have separated the batteries from the PV panel so that high temperatures cannot be transferred to the batteries. The lithium-ion batteries can also be easily replaced when they no longer provide enough power. To replace old broken streetlights, existing poles can continue to be used with the new StreetUPs, saving resources and costs.


Directeur Commercial - AGT Senegal

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