Solartainer® – Solarcontainer, the Hub for Sustainable Growth

With the Solartainer we focus on solar energy, a sustainable and at the same time the most logical energy source in Africa. We have developed two different containerized systems: our mobile Solartainer Amali and our scalable Solartainer Kani. An intelligent mini-grid system distributes electricity by means of a prepaid tariff system and enables data analysis and remote maintenance.

Solartainer Amali – Our Mobile Solution for the Electrification of Communities

The 40-foot container is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled in 96 hours due to its PV roof structure and extendable arms. This allows us to electrify entire communities very quickly, initially or temporarily. Through our years of experience, we have come to realize that electrifying a community triggers an economic growth spiral and the demand for electricity can increase within a few years. In this case we have the possibility to replace the 50 kWp Solartainer Amali with a more powerful system, such as our Solartainer Kani. The previously used Solartainer Amali can be transported to the next village that is not yet electrified and can be used there again at any time. This unique selling point saves production effort and resources and thus reduces our CO2 footprint.

50 kWp max.

using high-quality
modules of the latest
technology generation

38,4-173 kWh

scalable lithium-ion battery
storage for evening power


assembled or dis-
assembled & ready
for transport
in 96 hours

Solartainer Kani – Our Scalable Solution for the Electrification of Communities

The Solartainer Kani impresses with its compact transport size and high performance at the same time. All necessary system components can be stored and transported in the 20-foot container. This is possible because the individual parts of the innovative plug-in substructure can be stowed in a very space-saving manner. On site, the solar modules are installed as a ground-mounted system on the substructure next to the container. This solar plant can be easily extended to up to 75 kW nominal power as required. Another advantage is the simple installation of the system, which requires only hand tools (which also fit into the container). The innovative mounting system is designed to maximize land use and achieve the best possible power generation costs. In operation, the container itself houses all electrical components, inverters, battery storage along with inverters, and necessary electrical cabinets and connections.

38.4-172.8 kWh

scalable lithium-ion battery storage
for electricity in the evening

30-90 kWp

scalable solar system
due to innovative
plug-in substructure


due to compact
transport size
& efficient installation


71 % of Rural Regions in Sub-Saharan Africa Have No Reliable Source of Electricity*

Electricity is an essential factor in community development, regarding both economic growth and education. Electricity in schools improves learning conditions and children can also study at home in the evening hours. In addition, electricity via the Internet, radio and TV enables access to global information and thus also promotes knowledge transfer. Companies can grow sustainably through the productive use of electricity.

Many other providers offer electricity for the use of light and the charging of small devices such as cell phones. And this is where we differ, as we provide 400V AC power, which allows for the use of large machines. New economic perspectives are thus opened up, incomes increase and jobs are created. Electricity means opportunities for people and companies and creates prospects for the next generations. *Source: World Bank

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Modern Lithium-Ion Storage Technology

Thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery storage, energy is still available even in the evening hours and during heavy cloud cover. Our reliance on the best quality will guarantee a long and sustainable service life. The storage modules are modularly integrated in a cooled battery cabinet in the Solartainer, so the system is optimally adapted to the warm climate and conditions in the global south.

Smart Mini-Grids – The Infrastructure of a Decentralized Connected Future

In order to make the electricity produced in the Solartainer available to the entire village and to enable accounting for electricity consumption, we are setting up an intelligent mini-grid in each village or expanding existing grid structures.

Each household has its own connection with a smart meter. These state-of-the-art electricity meters receive and transmit data to measure and control the flow of electricity. In this way, we ensure reliable pre-paid payment and each customer only pays for the electricity they have used in addition to the monthly fee. Depending on the tariff selected, our customers have a capped maximum output and a certain amount of kilowatt hours of electricity available per month. Thus we are able to control peak loads in ImpactSite® and view real-time power flow and intervene if problems arise.

Furthermore, the smart meters allow us to perform intensive data analysis, revealing optimization potential and enabling real-time performance and impact reporting.


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FilterUP® – Integrated Water Treatment Through Modern Filter Technology

We can integrate a water purification system into the Solartainer. With this enhancement, the Solartainer is able to treat up to 3,000 liters of water per hour from rivers or wells. Through reverse osmosis technology, even salinated water can be treated. This helps us to proactively reduce the risk of disease for entire communities.


LinkUP® – Internet Through Integrated Satellite Communication

Our Solartainer can optionally be equipped with a satellite communication solution, which allows us to provide our customers with internet and thus access to communication, media and education via a hotspot.

The Solartainer as Part of Our Holistic Solution – The ImpactSite

Learn more about our ImpactSite and how the Solartainer, in combination with other ImpactProducts such as the Cooltainer, empowers entire communities to achieve more self-determination and growth.

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