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#ImpactStory Modibo Traore – Independence, Self-Reliance and Freedom

July 26, 2021

Modibo Traore is appreciated throughout Djoliba for his work

Today we set out to visit Modibo Traore. He is 45,  works as a welder and lives in Djoliba, Mali. When we arrive at his property, there is a hustle and bustle. We cross the yard and stop in front of his workshop. There is a lot of activity today. Young men are hauling pieces of metal. Instructions are hurriedly shouted to each other and the welding machines create a high noise level.

A tall man approaches us. "Salam Aleikum," he greets us! "Sorry for the noise, but today is busy, we can sit around the corner here and do the interview." We follow him. Our first question is how he built his business.

In Conversation With Modibo Traore

Oh, the welding shop is a family business. My family has worked here for generations. My great-grandfather was already welding here. Of course, back then there was no electricity and he just repaired tools for the crops. My father then had electricity through a diesel generator and was able to repair other things. And I was able to establish something completely new in Djoliba through your electricity.


Modibo's Skills and Reliability Are Convincing in Djoliba

Since Modibo was 7 years old, he looked over his father's shoulder and learned everything from him. Then, at 15, he worked permanently in the family business. He also worked for several years in Libya and learned new techniques there, which he also integrated here after his return to Djoliba.

Now Modibo has a lot of responsibility. He is the main provider for his extended family. The income from the farm even enabled him to build a house for the family a few years ago, and his siblings appreciate his support. Family means everything to Modibo.

Throughout the village, Modibo is appreciated for his good work, ambition and reliability. Everyone treats him with respect. We also noticed this during our visit.

He is a board member of Djoliba’s Craftsmen Association and is asked for advice when difficulties arise.

It's nice that people here appreciate my work. I love my job and know that I am good at what I do. For me, welding is not a job, it's my passion, my life. I do it first and foremost to help the people here, not to make as much money as possible.
Modibo Traore

Africa GreenTec As a Reliable Electricity Supplier

Modibo was one of the first to seek solar power from Africa GreenTec in Djoliba. Since his diesel generator broke down frequently and gas is an extremely expensive alternative in Djoliba, he worked hard to get more sustainable and cheaper electricity.

The solar energy from Africa GreenTec has allowed him to reduce the consumption of the diesel generator and the machines that work with diesel. Sometimes he still uses it because his machines need high power and that of the solar energy is sometimes not enough in the evening hours.

Since he has reliable electricity, more customers are also coming. Not only from Djoliba, but also from neighboring villages. His income has quadrupled in recent years.


The electricity from Africa GreenTec has made things easier

It's incredible what has changed here. When I think back to how my grandfather used to work and how I work today... it's worlds apart.


Challenges for the Future of the Sustainable Family Business

But there are also challenges for the business. Modibo lacks the financial means to be able to buy more modern machines for his business right now. He also would like to further his education in the field of electricity generation.

Thanks to Africa GreenTec, I can finally work without interruptions. My old diesel generator was constantly failing and too expensive, making smaller jobs unprofitable. Now I have a lot more orders than before and my customers no longer have to drive all the way to Bamako to get custom-made products. This way the jobs and the money stay in the village! Ever since this boost, I have hired several young people and now I employ over 20 people in total. To me, my business means independence, self-sufficiency and freedom.