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To make a real impact and provide sustainable, holistic solutions, it is important that the electricity our Solartainers® and PV systems provide is also used in an economically beneficial and efficient way. Due to outdated or broken equipment, many people in sub-saharan Africa are unable to make optimal use of electricity.

This is where our ImpactProducts come in. With ImpactProducts, we not only make the use of electricity much more efficient, but also achieve a sustainable and holistic impact for our customers and the climate. Adapted to local conditions and powered by solar energy, these products serve as a link between electricity, services and people. Our ImpactProducts are either sold, leased or operated by our local country companies.


Powerblox – The Scalable Energy Solution for Everywhere

Powerblox, developed by the Swiss company Power-Blox AG, has been integrated into our product portfolio since 2023. There is a close cooperation between Power-Blox and Africa GreenTec. Thanks to the scalability and mobility of Powerblox, we can supply even very remote houses, settlements and businesses with renewable energy solutions that are not covered by our Solartainers.

The energy cubes are flexible, mobile and can be used anywhere. The built-in, patented swarm algorithm enables the Powerblox to be synchronized and thus allows all scaling levels, from stand-alone business to the construction of a nano-grid with several kilowatts of power. The Powerblox were designed as a plug & play solution that does not require a specialist to set up and can be expanded at any time as energy requirements increase. We are thus bringing renewable energy to every corner of sub-Saharan Africa. The Powerblox can be charged during the day with solar panels supplied or purchased by the customer and can then provide 100 % renewable electricity and high voltages for productive applications at any time.



Solarbakery – Our Mobile, Sustainable Bakery

The containerized bakeries were developed by Solarbakery GmbH and are being built in cooperation with Africa GreenTec in Dakar, Senegal - by our local team. The Solarbakery has been integrated into our ImpactSite concept since 2022 so that we can also address SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) in communities.

Thanks to its containerized design, the Solarbakery can be set up in any community where a bakery is needed. The solar system in combination with a battery storage and the carefully selected equipment inside enable the entire production process to run on 100 % solar energy. An integrated mill, work surfaces and a sales window ensure that the solar bakery can operate self-sufficiently and bake up to 3,000 loaves of bread per day for the local people. The baked goods are then sold via a network of local retailers. This is how we bring food security and self-determination to communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


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