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Two Major Awards in Two Days: Africa GreenTec Wins Sustainable Impact Award and Torsten Schreiber Is Honored As a “Vordenker” [Intellectual Pioneer] by Portfolio

September 08, 2021

Within only 2 days Africa GreenTec respectively Torsten Schreiber, our CEO and Founder, was awarded with two prestigious prizes: the “Vordenker” Leserpreis 2021 of portfolio institutionell Verlag (to Torsten Schreiber) and the Sustainable Impact Award (to Africa GreenTec). We are incredibly happy about these two great recognitions and would like to tell you a bit more about the prizes and their awards in the following.


The Winner of This Year's Readers' Choice Award Has Been Announced: Congratulations, Torsten Schreiber!

Our CEO and Founder of Africa GreenTec, Torsten Schreiber, has won this year’s 2021 Readers’ Award of portfolio institutionell Verlag and by a large margin!

We are very happy about this great recognition and would like to thank all people involved. Every year, the editors of portfolio institutionell put five personalities up for election, on whom the readers of the trade magazine can then vote. The fact that we have convinced the readers of portfolio institutionell with our work this year makes us very happy and only strengthens our conviction that we are going the right way with our company.

We appreciate this honor very much, especially since the award primarily honors thought leaders who have rendered outstanding services to institutional investment through personal and political commitment and who have initiated groundbreaking innovations.

At Africa GreenTec, we think holistically. We see that aspects such as environmental and social impact, climate protection, development aid, mitigating the wave of refugees, renewable energies, energy efficiency and creating prospects for people are mutually dependent, and we try to create the greatest possible impact and sustainable empowerment in each area. This is probably also what ultimately convinced the readers of portfolio institutionell about their choice.

On September 1, the time had come. The readers’ award ceremony was held in Berlin. Aida and Torsten Schreiber, Wolfgang Rams (COO and Co-Founder) and Jörg Puschmann (Senior Manager, Crowdfunding) made their way to Berlin to receive the prestigious award in person.


Every year, the reader award is the first award of the evening to be presented. With great pleasure, Torsten accepted the award on stage at around 9 p.m. and then had the opportunity to say a few words to the audience. The award was presented by the editors and the sponsor of the reader award category.

It was an exciting evening with many new acquaintances who share the vision of a better and more sustainable world for all of us. Especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was nice for all participants to exchange ideas face to face and to rethink the future together. We are therefore very happy that our work is appreciated and it feels good to exchange ideas with other motivated people who want to join us on the way to a more just and sustainable future. Thank you for supporting our vision and standing behind us! Only together can we make a difference!

If you are interested in the topic “institutional investment” in general, please have a look at portfolio institutionell, have fun!

Second Award for Africa GreenTec: Winner of the Sustainable Impact Award in the Category “Impact on Earth”

And there is another piece of good news: Besides winning the Vordenker-Preis 2021 of portfolio institutionell Verlag, we are now officially the winners of the Sustainable Impact Award in the category “Impact on Earth” of Wirtschaftswoche. Another great appreciation that we are also hugely happy about.

With the “Sustainable Impact Award”, Wirtschaftswoche and Generali support the relevance of corporate sustainability and show how the course for sustainable business models and social responsibility is already being set in German SMEs. The aim of the initiative is to honor SME pioneers in the field of corporate sustainability.


The awards are a great appreciation for medium-sized companies that assume social and ecological responsibility

The “Sustainable Impact Award” is based on personal initiative. Medium-sized companies that believe they meet the selection criteria can apply for the award. All submissions are then carefully reviewed and evaluated by scientific partners using a developed methodology. A top-class jury then decides on the winners.

Furthermore, there are several categories at the “Sustainable Impact Award” or SIA, for short. Besides the categories Impact on Humans, Impact of Product and the two special awards SME EnterPrize and THSN NewComer (Refugee Start-Ups), there is the category Impact on Earth, for which we are nominated this year.


Impact on Earth Category

The SIA Award 2021 in the category “Impact on Earth” honors medium-sized companies that particularly address issues such as environmental pollution, the burning of fossil fuels and the negative consequences of climate change, and that develop holistic and innovative solutions for a sustainable, planet-friendly economy without “greenwashing”.

The awards were presented on September 2, 2021. The winners of the categories were personally invited to Düsseldorf and could thus receive the awards live on stage. All others who wanted to follow the award ceremony live could do so virtually through the livestream.

Every day, we work with high motivation on the realization and implementation of our vision and are very happy when our work is appreciated, especially by other people who are active in social entrepreneurship. We strongly believe that sustainable and responsible businesses are the way forward and we are happy to be part of the change.

Wolfgang Rams accepts the "Impact on Earth Award"