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#VillageStory Fanidiama – Village of Opportunities

September 30, 2021


A rich harvest, lively trade and cultural exchange with the neighboring countries of Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast - Fanidiama offers its inhabitants the best conditions to lead a good life.

Fanidiama is located in the far south of Mali. The village is only a few minutes' drive from the borders of Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso. The small town of Zégoua is also only 9 km away. This leads to very active trade and cultural exchange as well as comparatively good income and prosperity in Fanidiama, which is predominantly Christian. 

During our drive to Fanidiama, we can't stop being amazed. The landscape is incredibly beautiful. Farmers grow maize, wheat, cotton and peanuts in the fields around the village. As we drive past in our Africa GreenTec car, some of them raise their heads and look after us curiously.


Productive Agriculture and a Growing Service Sector in Fanidiama

Fanidiama therefore offers excellent conditions for productive agriculture. The farmers can export their harvest to the neighboring town and neighboring countries at good prices and without long transport routes. 

When we arrive in the center of Fanidiama, the place is bustling with business. Children play in the street, people sit in front of the kiosks and chat animatedly. The atmosphere is good in Fanidiama. Many service providers and craftsmen have set up their own businesses in the village. We particularly notice the many welding shops on the main street. There, the welders manufacture and repair bedsteads, sewing machines and much more for the local population and beyond. 

A very active social life has established itself in the village center. People from the village, visitors and traders from the region and neighboring countries buy and sell goods or exchange news from the region. People appreciate each other here and benefit from each other.


Sustainable Energy Solutions from Africa GreenTec as Enablers for More Growth

Fanidiama is therefore ideally suited as a location for an ImpactSite® from Africa GreenTec. Local craftsmen, service providers, restaurant and café owners can use the electricity to expand their business activities. Our cold stores and solar pumps enable the many farmers to increase their crop yields and minimize losses.

With access to electricity and sustainable appliances, local people can also improve their private lives and living conditions. Refrigerators, fans, educational and entertainment electronics as well as street lighting and electricity for public facilities support local development and the satisfaction of the entire village community.

Fanidiama is well on the way to becoming a thriving small town. We want to support this with our sustainable solutions.