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Africa GreenTec Relocates Production to Senegal and Establishes Its Own Training Academy


As a pioneer for solar mini-grids on the African continent, Africa GreenTec has been developing, designing and building its own ImpactSites®, sustainable and holistic energy solutions, since 2016. These provide entire village communities in the Global South with electricity, cold chains, internet, water pumps and drinking water - all of which are self-sufficient and powered exclusively by solar energy.

Not only is Senegal the fourth country in which Africa GreenTec is now operating, but its strategic location on the Atlantic Ocean also means it will play an important role for this social enterprise in the future. The capital Dakar is being developed as Africa GreenTec's new headquarters for Africa.

We are very proud that by moving production from Germany to Africa, we are also creating highly skilled jobs in Africa and mapping the entire value chain locally.
Torsten Schreiber, Founder & CMO - AGT AG

In the N’diob region in Senegal, Africa GreenTec is currently putting the first Solartainer® into operation, providing, in this initial phase, clean energy to 120 households as well as numerous small businesses and public institutions. All in all, 50 villages in Senegal are to be equipped with Solartainers.

Furthermore, Africa Green Tec is planning to establish a training academy in Senegal, so that the entire production, logistics, as well as operation & maintenance can take place in Senegal in the future. The new production facility will manufacture, in particular, the Solartainers and Cooltainers® for the entire African market. The academy will focus on the training of production specialists and qualified electricians.

Since the foundation of Africa GreenTec in 2016, 80 technicians have already been trained and employed in Mali and Niger, who are currently entrusted with the maintenance and servicing of the sites. The academy will now allow Africa GreenTec to give even more young people access to qualified training. It will also be made accessible to students who do not work for Africa GreenTec.

The relocation is an important and consistent step for the growing company towards empowering people in the Global South to achieve greater growth and self-determination.

The value chain of many companies is mostly not located in Africa. We would like to change this problem in our company and have therefore decided to move our company focus, including production and operations, to West Africa. This can start an economic growth curve that will tremendously benefit both the village communities in sub-Saharan Africa and our investors.
Wolfgang Rams, Co-Founder & CEO - AGT AG

Overall, the mini-grid market is predicted to add approximately 200,000 sites with an investment of €200 billion by 2030 (source: World Bank 2019). Africa GreenTec plans to build at least 500 of its own sites over the next few years.

May 2022