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Africa GreenTec AG Launches Series B for Impact Investors Together With Olympic Legend Edwin Moses


"Over hurdles to success" could be the life motto of American exceptional athlete, Olympic champion and world record holder Edwin Moses. After all, he developed his own running style, trained relentlessly and dominated the 400-meter hurdles discipline for nearly two decades with his focus, elegance and speed. With this performance, he electrified the entire world. The races against the German European champion Harald Schmid, in particular, were legendary. Now Edwin Moses competes for Germany – and Africa.

As an advocate for clean sport, the world-famous Olympic legend has entered into a collaboration with the German scale-up enterprise Africa Greentec AG. Symbolically, the "clean sport to sustainable energy solutions" hurdle was quickly crossed. The social enterprise's holistic approach sparked the enthusiasm of Dr. Edwin Moses, a physics graduate and business and finance consultant.

On the occasion of the preparations for the Series B crowdfunding campaign, he recently visited the Africa GreenTec Office in the Impact Hub Berlin. Edwin Moses sees an enormous but underestimated growth market in Africa and is convinced that Africa GreenTec, as a pioneer for sustainable energy solutions, is ideally equipped to overcome the hurdle to success for and with the African continent. However, he is convinced that action must be taken quickly, because the war in Ukraine and the resulting energy and hunger crises have consequences for Africa in particular and threaten to lead to catastrophes. It is also for these reasons that Edwin Moses supports the Series B financing round that has just been launched, as well as the associated crowdinvesting campaign of the scale-up.

Edwin Moses bei Africa GreenTec in Berlin

Founded in 2016, the social enterprise Africa GreenTec continues to scale and offers investors to come on board. In this way, they can become part of the success story and participate directly in the AG in the form of profit participation rights from as little as €250. Investors get the prospect of an attractive return on their investment while creating a sustainable impact on 11 of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals. Through its holistic renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa, Africa GreenTec not only actively combats climate change, but also provides people with access to electricity, internet, drinking water and cold chains, thus opening up new opportunities and perspectives.

Matthias Meisinger is already an investor in Africa GreenTec and has the following to say about his personal motivation:

Global resource consumption is pushing our planet ever closer to the abyss - to the benefit of the prosperity of a few, even though many do not even have access to electricity. This is one of the most burning issues of our time.

Africa GreenTec is a young company with a vision, innovative ideas and passionate commitment. And with a solution that also has incredible business potential. Africa GreenTec and my capital are helping each other to advance this solution, which is why I invested.

Matthias Meisinger
The successful Series A financing round in 2020/2021 proved that the investment case is particularly interesting for investors who, in addition to achieving a return, want to make a difference with their capital.

Imagine you need to set up your craft business in an African village and you don't have reliable access to electricity. Your only option is to use a diesel generator. Diesel is hard to get and expensive due to the lack of infrastructure in your country, the generator is smelly, noisy and pollutes the environment as well as your immediate neighborhood. Thus, young people in particular have no job perspective whatsoever. We are changing this and creating new ways for thousands of people and a whole generation.

as Malian-born Aida Schreiber, co-founder of Africa GreenTec points out

In Africa alone, more than 600 million people today have no access to electricity and, as a result, no cooling facilities, no clean drinking water, and no access to education and the Internet. Africa GreenTec uses the latest PV, battery and smart meter technology to enable the implementation of cost-effective decentralized solutions in the most remote areas. The company does not rely on outdated development aid approaches and donations, but on the social business concept of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. This means that the company sells its services to local customers at fair prices and at the same time achieves measurable impact.

Mini-Grids in Sub-Saharan Africa – The Market of the Future

An investment in Africa GreenTec’s enterprise and its projects will, above all, bring opportunities for an appropriate financial return, in addition to the certainty of making a difference. According to a study by the World Bank, over 200 billion euros in investments will be needed by 2030 to supply 500 million people with electricity and meet the UN's goals.

As a pioneer, Africa GreenTec is already firmly established in this growth market. Locally anchored country subsidiaries, close contacts to key decision makers and over 25 projects already implemented demonstrate Africa GreenTec's strong position and vast experience. With its 135 employees (more than 100 of them in Africa), the company is perfectly positioned to secure a large market share in the future and to multiply its enterprise value. Already in the last 2 years, the company valuation of Africa GreenTec AG has almost tripled. The range of services and products is growing steadily, so that Africa GreenTec already offers electricity, cooling, water and light combined in one ImpactSite. Further technologies are already under development and are constantly expanding the holistic approach.


In addition to scaling up in the current target markets of Senegal, Madagascar, Mali and Niger, the social enterprise's next steps are to expand its holistic ImpactSite® approach, implement new energy-efficient products, provide energy to medium-sized businesses and entire cities, and establish a production and training facility in Dakar, Senegal.

Africa GreenTec is now inviting impact investors to become part of the company and its vision to empower 3 million people with renewable energy solutions and to set local growth spirals in motion, saving over 1.4 million tons of CO2 with concrete, measurable projects.

July 2022