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10 Years of Africa GreenTec:
Wolfgang Rams Takes Over Leadership from Torsten Schreiber

Wolfgang & Torsten in Meo

After Wolfgang Rams was appointed CEO at the end of 2023, he will now, as planned, take over the operational duties of his predecessor Torsten Schreiber on the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary. Torsten Schreiber is stepping down from the board.

End of the Pioneer Years - Beginning of a New Growth Phase

Torsten Schreiber says: “Wolfgang Rams has been on board as an investor since the company was founded and was one of the first to believe in Africa GreenTec's mission. He accompanied me on my travels to Africa early on and has been serving on the board for over 4 years. He knows the market and our customers. At the end of last year, we agreed to transfer leadership to Wolfgang. I wish him and the entire team the greatest success. The 10th company anniversary is the right time to now also hand over my operational board duties to him. Whenever our advice is needed, Aida and I will support the company.”

Adjusting Strategy to the Requirements of the Capital Market

In the future, profitability will be more in focus. However, impact remains a core part of the brand. Scalable, sales-oriented structures, combined with a strong emphasis on the expertise of the country subsidiaries, are intended to lay the foundation for the desired growth. Strategic investors and partnerships are intended to help leverage the structures lived by Africa GreenTec. The successfully implemented projects are important references and blueprints for operational implementation, including training and the creation of local jobs. Africa GreenTec will enhance its performance by tapping into previously unused potentials.

“Aida and Torsten Schreiber have proven that entrepreneurial personalities are capable of achieving the impossible and being role models for sustainable change. Without them, founding such an inspiring company as Africa GreenTec, which has engaged over 4,000 investors to date, would not have been possible,” says Wolfgang Rams. “Increased demands on the profitability of social business models now require a new strategy with a stronger focus on profitability, partnerships, and growth. Africa GreenTec and all its employees thank Aida and Torsten for their outstanding pioneering work. Their advice will continue to accompany the company in the future.”

Since 2014, Africa GreenTec has been offering comprehensive system solutions for the generation and distribution of electricity in off-grid regions of Africa. The robustness and performance of these intelligent systems—from the prepaid tariff system to remote maintenance—must withstand the harsh conditions of the African continent daily and regularly exceed European standards. With the help of our ImpactSites® , entire communities in rural regions are equipped with electricity and sustainable technologies. Africa GreenTec also helps larger companies in the industrial and service sectors achieve greater productivity and cost-effective energy. Today, from Senegal to Madagascar, over 150,000 people and numerous companies can access Africa GreenTec's solutions.