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#StaffStory Anna

Anna is Directrice Générale - AGT Senegal. Since she was a little girl, she has always wondered how she could help the rural population in Senegal. With her work at Africa GreenTec, she can now realize this dream. What else you should know about Anna: Family is very important to her and she believes in hard work!

I have had the opportunity to visit rural areas in Senegal and therefore know the needs of the local population inside out. I found with Africa GreenTec a technology and package of vital solutions to support rural populations and make them independent from urban areas.

Directrice Générale - AGT Senegal

Anna together with her team in Senegal

Scrolan Carolina
April 27, 2023

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John Manantsoa is our Engineering Manager at Africa GreenTec Madagascar. He grew up in the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo. He studied Renewable Energies Engineering at the Physics and Applications Department of the University Antananarivo. Fun fact: It will be difficult for him to live without music.

I really like the team work and the multicultural aspect where I can exchange and share my experiences with the other team members. And I also appreciate the social leadership where human values are respected.

John Manantsoa
Engineering Manager - AGT AG Madagascar
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John Manantsoa at a survey with a customer 

Scrolan Carolina
March 21, 2023

#StaffStory John Manantsoa

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#StaffStory Herinajaina

August 18, 2022


I am Herinajaina Mirajonirina, I am 18 years old, I live in Antananarivo right now but I grew up in Antanetimboahangy, Analavory in the district Miarinarivo in the Itasy region. The Africa GreenTec pilot project is also located in this region. Since the beginning of 2022 I am working as an intern in the Brand Communication team at Africa GreenTec Madagascar. My main task is to translate different material for publications on social media.

I am crazy about literature and music. I play some musical instruments such as guitar, piano, valiha (a traditional Malagasy instrument) and I am a slam performer and an author in Malagasy too.

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At this moment, I am studying English at a private School in Antananarivo. I am currently in level 04. I also take drawing and painting classes with a Malagasy art instructor. I would like to study Graphic and Multimedia Design (video creator, photography and illustration) at a private school next year. My long term goal is to create a free private school with a modern education program and a focus on arts to help young Malagasy people, like me, to have a brighter future. In my opinion education is a key to developing yourself and electricity is a key to education because you can research information on the internet and you can study better with light.

I am really happy I got to know about Africa GreenTec when I met Moritz and Scrolan the first time at a market in my hometown, in Analavory on 31st November 2021. They told me about the projects of the company. I immediately like the idea to empower people in rural areas of Madagascar through sustainable energy solutions. So I applied for a job at Africa GreenTec Madagascar and got the opportunity to join the Brand Communication team. Since then I translated interviews from malagasy people in Malagasy into English and I helped out with different tasks at the office.


This is my first job and I like working together with my co-workers at AGT because they are very friendly and teach me lots of things, which gives me a good work experience. Working for AGT is very interesting because we have a very important mission, which is to offer sustainable and reliable energy in rural Madagascar. I am so proud of helping my country to fight against the lack of electricity. It is one of my dreams to help my compatriots to overcome poverty.

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#StaffStory Lucia

Lucia initially worked in the Finance Team at Africa GreenTec for several years before changing to the International Business Development Team. She is also a speaker for Africa GreenTec at events. For example in Brussels at the event "Financing sustainable energy access".

I have always been passionate about energy access, which is exactly what Africa GreenTec is doing, in a really impactful manner.

Lucia K.
Int. Business Development Senior Manager - AGT AG
Scrolan Carolina
November 24, 2021